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Our Class Programs

Circle Time

This is as the opening of the class. Children will be gathered and have group time together. Teachers can conduct the music and movement, newspaper reading, show and tell, or presentation of any kinds of materials.

Montessori Time

This is the whole day activity in the class. Children are given choices to choose what they want to work with. We include art and crafts also during this hour.

Snack & Lunch Time

This is dedicated time for young kids learn how to help themselves in having meals. They will have opportunity to prepare and also enjoying meals by themselves.

Group Time

We believe through group time, children will be more social and also learning from one another. We carry varied activities during the group time, such as Science, Art, Story Telling, Newspaper Hours, Show and Tell, etc.

Brain Breaks

A specialized program in catering the needs for music and movements in order to gain more control over their own body. Brain breaks give the little children opportunity to learn how to be calm and handle the excitement inside them. It helps children in language literacy as well as Pre-Maths.

Little Scientist

This is dedicated to Glow class students. They will be having opportunity to do science and observe how interesting it can be.

Outdoor Play

We take our children to the soccer field or park twice in a month. This program is dedicated to Glow class students.

Field Trip

This fun program outside the class will gather the parents and children together to go to certain public places. We have field trip once in a month.

Birthday Walk

A specialized program for those who celebrate birthday in Sunny Glow Montessori.

Our Classes

Sunny Class

1 - 3 years old

A program which gives motives to help young children to be independence, develop intelligence, positive attitude and also to be social. This is a signature of Montessori environment whereas class will be having mix ages in order to develop a community life.


Baby & I

6 months to 12 months old

A program dedicated to support and nurture the very young children together with the caregivers. This program has variety of early sensory stimulation as well as to focus on children's physcal and psychic development.


Glow Class

3 - 7 years old

A program which will be guiding the children to be able to do things for themselves as well as to start academic skills refinement. Here, the children will be in class without companion of caregiver. We instill independent and development of will since young because these are two things that will lay foundation for life. It has mixtures of different age groups in order to help children to learn how to socialize in a real community life. We celebrate every milestones achieved by the children in this class also as they are prepared to go to elementary school at the end of the third year.



2 - 4 years old / 4 - 7 years old

An exciting program which gathers the children and play together. We selectively chosen the themes and activities in order to cater the fun and positive engagement between children and parents.