Sunny Glow Montessori is a Montessori Play School that creates fun and applicable learning experiences for young children. We deliver an entire learning ecosystem of teaching Child Development and 21st Century skills also supports teachers in the classroom and parents at home to ensure that each child develops the essential skills to thrive and complate in the future global economy.

Montessori Play School |  Child Development | After School Care

"Play is The Work Of The Child"

We empower children thriving with group sessions, private sessions and movement therapy in the classroom and connect this to learning at home. Evidence based curriculum child centered design and play based learning is at the heart of what we do.

The tremendous benefits that Montessori method can bring to each and every child is well established. We are honoured to be involved in contributing and furthering the ideals of Maria Montessori who first started "Casa dei Bambi ni " for the children. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve our Child Development range, Practicality and Performance for the benefits of the child."